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Virtual Training and Webinars


We are planning our next few months of online training. Please complete this quick poll to let us know what training you would like us to offer to support your work. Thank you


Fundraising training:



NEW: Where to Start with Corporate Partnerships – Zoom training, 20 August 10am – 11am

Many organisations can see the benefits of bring corporate partners on board both for funding and support, but where and how do you find potential businesses and how do you bring them on board?

This introductory session will look at how to engage corporate support by exploring;

  • Finding the right corporate partners
  • How and who to ask
  • What you can offer in return
  • Nurturing existing and ongoing corporate relationships

The session is aimed at those new to corporate partnerships with funding/support ready projects.

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SKC Getting Started with Fundraising Planning WEBINAR 

Looking at the elements you need to have in place to create a fundraising plan. This includes reviewing your existing fundraising practice, putting together a case for support and what you should include in your fundraising plan.

This course will return in the Autumn.


SKC Demonstrating Impact WEBINAR

An overview of the importance of measuring impact and an introduction to some tools that will help you measure your impact more effectively.

This course will return in the Autumn.


SKC Introduction to Grantmaking Trusts WEBINAR

This course will return in the Autumn.


Volunteer management training:


SKC Best Practice in Volunteer Recruitment, Retention and Management virtual ZOOM training


  • Best practice tips on volunteer recruitment, retention and management
  • Explore questions such as ‘what an organisation should have in place before recruiting volunteers’ and ‘why don’t we have enough volunteers?’
  • The need to look at volunteering from both an organisational and volunteers’ perspective.
  • What does best practice look like and what can your organisation do to achieve it?
  • SKC REVAMP training – what is it and why should your organisation sign up?
  • Q&A



Thursday 3 September 10-11.30am

Thursday 1 October 10-11.30am

Thursday 5 November 10-11.30am


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Other resources:

The below organisations are a great source of training to support the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector.





Fundraising: Demonstrating Impact

100% of respondents would recommend the course to others.

“Great learning opportunity”

“A really good introduction to the topic”

“Very informative at an easy to follow pace :)”


Fundraising: Getting Started with Fundraising Planning

100% of respondents would recommend the course to others.

“I attended as a total newbie and without a real understanding of how/why/where my organisation approaches fundraising … I think you present really clearly and allow lots of opportunity for questions. I now understand a bit about how to approach thinking about fundraising which is more than I had before!! Thank you.”


Fundraising: Introduction to Grantmaking Trusts

100% of respondents would recommend the course to others.

“Very insightful”

“The course was helpful and informative. Thank you”

“I found the course very informative and have recommended it to others”


Best Practice in Volunteer Recruitment, Management and Retention

100% of respondents said they would recommend the training to others.

Your presentation gave a good basis to attempt to give my Board members some idea of the principles of volunteer management – it’s not just a matter of seeing who turns up and letting them find something to do.”

“It was obvious you know your subject very well and care about volunteering.”

“I felt this was facilitated very well and is always great to hear as a refresher. Thank you for your time.”

“Enjoyed the training, very informative. Thank you”

“Very useful workshop for those who need advice and guidance.”



SKC Skilled Volunteering Testimonial:

SKC Skilled Volunteer, Joe Cheal, Lead Imaginarian and Trainer at Imaginarium Learning & Development run a Resilient You training session for voluntary sector staff during lockdown.

“Fabulous presenter who has lifted my spirits and made me feel I can do more positive things in this world, even on a lockdown day! Thanks!” – session participant Kerry

Thank you Joe!

Watch Joe’s Top Tips here:



SKC Skilled Volunteering Testimonial:


Skilled professional Charlotte Bawden, an Operations Manager at The Prince’s Trust, shared her knowledge of resolving conflict in the workplace in a friendly, informal and informative session, which she recorded for us to share. It’s a great session if you are interested in better understanding how you respond to conflict and how to manage conflict in teams.

“Charlotte was very friendly and knowledgeable about her area of expertise. I appreciated the training, thank you. More people should do it!”

Watch the training HERE

Thank you Charlotte!