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Virtual Training and Webinars

Fundraising training:


SKC Introduction to Applying to Grantmaking Trusts WEBINAR – July 7 – 10-11am

How to identify trusts and foundations and write compelling applications, as well as some insight into what happens to your application once it has arrived on the Funder’s desk.

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SKC Getting Started with Fundraising Planning WEBINAR – July 23 – 10-11am 

Looking at the elements you need to have in place to create a fundraising plan. This includes reviewing your existing fundraising practice, putting together a case for support and what you should include in your fundraising plan.

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SKC Demonstrating Impact WEBINAR – July 28 – 10-11am 

An overview of the importance of measuring impact and an introduction to some tools that will help you measure your impact more effectively.

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Volunteer management training:


SKC Best Practice in Volunteer Recruitment, Retention and Management virtual ZOOM training


  • Best practice tips on volunteer recruitment, retention and management
  • Explore questions such as ‘what an organisation should have in place before recruiting volunteers’ and ‘why don’t we have enough volunteers?’
  • The need to look at volunteering from both an organisational and volunteers’ perspective.
  • What does best practice look like and what can your organisation do to achieve it?
  • SKC REVAMP training – what is it and why should your organisation sign up?
  • Q&A



Thursday 2 July 10-11.30am

Thursday 30 July 10-11.30am

Thursday 3 September 10-11.30am

Thursday 1 October 10-11.30am

Thursday 5 November 10-11.30am


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SKC Skilled Volunteering Testimonial:

SKC Skilled Volunteer, Joe Cheal, Lead Imaginarian and Trainer at Imaginarium Learning & Development run a Resilient You training session for voluntary sector staff during lockdown.

“Fabulous presenter who has lifted my spirits and made me feel I can do more positive things in this world, even on a lockdown day! Thanks!” – session participant Kerry

Thank you Joe!


Other resources:

The below organisations are a great source of training to support the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector.