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In these uncertain times, charities can benefit even more from specialist volunteers.

Specialist Volunteers

SKC is in contact with many specialist volunteers willing to share their expertise with not-for-profit organisations across Kent.

We match specialist volunteers with one-off / short-term / consultancy / projects in the following areas:

  • Creative (video, graphic design, desktop publishing etc.)
  • Marketing / Social Media
  • Business Development
  • IT
  • Strategy & Structure
    • Finance
    • HR – recruitment, contracts, handbooks etc.
    • Legal
    • Policies / procedures

View a selection of current specialist volunteering tasks in need of volunteers.

Terms and conditions.

Charities – your volunteering needs

Please get in touch, letting us know your specialist volunteering needs:

  • Charity / organisation:
  • About:
  • Task / role overview:
  • Skills needed:
  • Location:
  • Timings / commitment:
  • Can the volunteering be done remotely?:
  • Are you happy for us to share your volunteering needs with other organisations and online, to increase your chances of finding a skilled volunteer?

Need inspiration? See our current specialist volunteering tasks here.

Email Georgie: contact@strongerkentcommunities.org.uk

…and we will do our best to connect you with a volunteer.

Volunteers – your skills

Please get in touch, letting us know what skills you can volunteer:

  • Your skills:
  • Number of hours you are able to volunteer:
  • Can you volunteer remotely?

Get an idea of charities’ specialist volunteering needs here.

Email Georgie: contact@strongerkentcommunities.org.uk

…and we will do our best to connect you with Kent charities.

Specialist Volunteering Testimonials

“Thank you for your wonderful designs. This will bring a very positive impact to the project. Ollie is extremely professional and works very quickly.”

Windmill Community Gardens feedback on Design by Ollie’s logos


“John has provided support to us building a dedicated volunteer database – this has had a massive impact on the ability of the volunteer team to collate contact with volunteers and to record outcomes for funders.”

SATEDA commenting on their IT volunteer


“They are super to work with, we have made some great progress. I have worked on job descriptions, shortlisting, designing interview processes and identifying core values.”

HR volunteer for Beyond the Page


Watch SKC Specialist Volunteering Testimonials from Monkton Nature Reserve and Pfizer



Contact Georgie to find out more



SKC Skilled Volunteering Testimonial:

SKC Specialist Volunteer, Joe Cheal, Lead Imaginarian and Trainer at Imaginarium Learning & Development run a Resilient You training session for voluntary sector staff during lockdown.

“Fabulous presenter who has lifted my spirits and made me feel I can do more positive things in this world, even on a lockdown day! Thanks!” – session participant Kerry

Thank you Joe!