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    SATEDA Specialist Volunteering Testimonial
    John has provided support to us building a dedicated volunteer database – this has had a massive impact on the ability of the volunteer team to collate contact with volunteers and to record outcomes for funders.

    SATEDA commenting on their IT volunteer

    Beyond The Page Specialist Volunteering Testimonial
    They are super to work with, we have made some great progress. I have worked on job descriptions, shortlisting, designing interview processes and identifying core values.

    HR volunteer for Beyond the Page

    SKC Specialist Volunteering support – Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Services

    When Coronavirus meant the weekly Singing Back the Memories group could no longer meet, they started practising on Zoom instead.… Read more...

    SKC Specialist Volunteering support – Monkton Nature Reserve

    Volunteering led to paid work for one Canterbury graduate who also felt part of the community through her experience. Monkton… Read more...

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