In these uncertain times, charities can benefit even more from specialist volunteers

Specialist Volunteers

SKC is in contact with many specialist volunteers willing to share their expertise with not-for-profit organisations across Kent.

We match specialist volunteers with one-off, short-term projects in the following areas:

  • Creative (video, graphic design, desktop publishing etc.)
  • Marketing / Social Media
  • IT
  • Strategy & Structure
    • business development
    • finance
    • HR – recruitment, contracts, handbooks etc.
    • legal
    • policies / procedures

View a selection of current specialist volunteering tasks in need of volunteers.

Expectations of Volunteers & Organisations.

We are looking for more organisations to support via this programme, so If you think your organisation could benefit from a specialist volunteer you can find out more about the programme on this page or get in touch with Georgie who will be in touch within 2-3 working days.

Beyond The Page Specialist Volunteering Testimonial
They are super to work with, we have made some great progress. I have worked on job descriptions, shortlisting, designing interview processes and identifying core values.

HR volunteer for Beyond the Page

Windmill Community Gardens Specialist Volunteering Testimonial
Thank you for your wonderful designs. This will bring a very positive impact to the project. Ollie is extremely professional and works very quickly.

Windmill Community Gardens feedback on Design by Ollie’s logos

SKC Specialist Volunteering support – Aspens

Gordon recently completed his volunteering project supporting disability charity Aspens with their audit preparation. We received some lovely feedback from… Read more...

SKC Specialist Volunteering support – Monkton Nature Reserve

Volunteering led to paid work for one Canterbury graduate who also felt part of the community through her experience. Monkton… Read more...

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