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Great feedback about out SKC Employer Supported Volunteering Project

Our SKC Employer Volunteering project offers free volunteering services to Kent employers and charities by:

  • Developing bespoke volunteering solutions for employers & charities
  • Identifying charities’ specific needs that could be fulfilled by employee volunteers’ professional skills & knowledge (e.g. social media, IT, accounting, marketing, HR etc.)
  • Working with employers to identify the in-house skills they are able to offer & find flexible ways of delivering employee volunteering
  • Giving employers access to a wealth of volunteering opportunities
  • Providing, setting up, administering & offering ongoing support to charities & employers to help both parties achieve their objectives.
  • Ensuring charities & employers get the most out of each volunteering experience.

It’s a rewarding project for all involved but just don’t our word for it – here’s the latest feedback from people involved in the project:


  • “It was good to give back to the community and by painting the areas it meant the core workers could spend time with the clients; especially as It is such a small team of workers.
  • “I felt that our work will help to save the charity money in the long run by managing the ivy and damage to the perimeter fence that would cost significant amounts to replace”
  • “I designed an event poster, which gave the charity some outside assistance with something that will be pivotal for their fundraising activities.”
  • “By assisting with preparing the meals I felt so valuable. It was a lovely feeling to be able to be part of something so worthwhile and close to my heart, thank you.”

Benefiting organisations:

  • “Really helped out our already overloaded volunteers.  There was 6 of them and they worked solidly all day giving us a week’s worth of work in 1 day!  And they were lovely.”
  • “The Volunteer group had a direct impact on the support of our clients, with our Night Shelter running and SWEP in effect at time of SAP’s Volunteering, the Centre is practically open 24/7 and under a huge amount of strain..”
  • “It was invaluable to us as an organisation, it helps us maintain the centre to a good standard and supports our staff in time management and resources.”
  • “The litter clearance has made a big visual impact to Folkestone Downs and will certainly improve public enjoyment of the site – it is a popular place with many local people. It will deliver benefits for wildlife and allow the cattle to come onto the site later in April.”

Don’t miss out on being involved in this project – for more details contact:

East Kent georgie@strongerkentcommunities.org.uk

North West Kent sally@strongerkentcommunities.org.uk

West Kent  wendy@strongerkentcommunities.org.uk