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To enable and support the voluntary sector across Kent to become stronger and more robust, the consortium runs a number of countywide projects.

Employee Supported Volunteering (ESV)

Our free service matches employers with charities and community groups across Kent and coordinates volunteering sessions. We learn about charities volunteering needs including skilled, unskilled, group, individual volunteering options and share with employers.

For more information contact:

East Kent georgie@strongerkentcommunities.org.uk

North West Kent


West Kent




Join the Caravan

A Coffee Caravan provides a mobile pop-up café and information hub to rural areas across Kent – connecting communities and reducing isolation.

For more information contact: Kathy at kathy.bugden@strongerkentcommunities.org.uk

Raising the Standard (REVAMP)

A straightforward Quality Mark for Volunteer Involving Organisations to both increase and showcase best practice in volunteer management.

For more information contact: Alex at alex.krutnik@strongerkentcommunities.org.uk

Skills Exchange

Support for businesses to match the skills of their individual staff to voluntary organisations which need support in this specialist skill.

For more information contact: Georgie at georgie@strongerkentcommunities.org.uk


Spreading Timebanks across communities in Kent – in a Timebank you earn time credits by giving practical help and support to others – one hour of service given gives you one credit. You can then exchange that credit for an hour of something you need.

For more information contact: Beth at beth@strongerkentcommunities.org.uk

Place-Based Social Enterprises

Governance, income generation, supply-chain development, setting up of training opportunities and job creation support for community groups wishing to develop as social enterprises or businesses seeking to operate in a more socially-responsible way.

For more information contact: Carl at carl.adams@strongerkentcommunities.org.uk

Stronger Kent Community Conferences

Bringing together charities, voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises working in similar fields across Kent to network, share best practice and gain practical tips and tools to strengthen their organisations and improve their practice. These events offer:-

Zoned networking breakfast and lunch

Practical tips and tools on volunteering, fundraising, digital and governance in expert-led seminars

Sharing best practice plenary sessions with table discussions and Q&A with panellists.

Our latest Stronger Kent Communities Conferences

Living Well at Any Age – Sharing Best Practice

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Living Well Programme

Connecting Culture and Communities

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For more information contact Emma at emma@strongerkentcommunities.org.uk

Training for All

Accessible training courses to support voluntary courses develop their funding approaches and application.

For more information contact Pauline at pauline.smith@westkentextra.org

Building Communities

Aims to help voluntary organisations and community groups (with a turnover under £100k) get into shape to become stronger, more effective and sustainable, with support from a designated project worker. Our workers will provide an initial HealthCheck to identify the needs of the organisation and if relevant, provide information on volunteer management, writing policies, governance, creating volunteering opportunities and more, signposting where needed.



Fresh Perspectives

Opportunities for young volunteers aged 16-25 to train to become trustees for voluntary organisations.

Contact: sarwah.mhanna@strongerkentcommunities.org.uk