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Charities should appoint leaders for staff wellbeing, report on bullying recommends

In Plain Sight, released 6 June 2019 by ACEVO and Centre for Mental Health reveals the emotional harm caused to people experiencing bullying in the charity workplace and makes six recommendations to create safer systems, processes and cultures.

While bullying in the charity workplace is rarely publicly discussed, it is clear from the report that it has been taking place in plain sight. More than half (58%) respondents formally reported the bullying but only 3% said that their complaint was dealt with satisfactorily. Over 80% of respondents to the survey told us that they witnessed other people being bullied in the same organisations.

The report concludes that bullying is linked to gaps or shortcomings in governance and management and it, therefore, needs an organisation-wide response.

The report identifies key areas in which improvements need to be made: governance and senior leadership, policies, procedures and practice within organisations, the regulatory framework, and joint action across the charity sector. For example, it says all charity boards should nominate a trustee and senior leader responsible for leading on staff wellbeing and it calls for charities to have clearer guidance on how to respond to concerns when they are raised. The report also stresses the importance of adopting both robust policies and procedures to address identified instances of bullying and a preventative approach that centres on workplace wellbeing and the creation of healthier, happier (and therefore more productive) workforces.

For more information click here or go to: https://www.acevo.org.uk/news/charity-leaders-commit-creating-safer-systems-processes-and-cultures-tackle-bullying